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Ladies, see if the man you’re dating one of the hardest men to date and fellas see if you made the list!

The first-timer

They haven’t learned what to say and not to say around a woman so if you’re not willing to be a guinea pig, don’t waste your time.

Proving himself

When the man is submitting applications to raise funds for his startup, or studying around the clock to become a doctor, he literally doesn’t have time for you. And the little time he does have to unwind, he doesn’t have the mental space to fill with someone else’s needs.

Eternal college student

They became too attached to their frat house or college apartment in which there were consistently at least 5 people in the living room. So they round up a group of friends and re-create that in their grownup homes. And as their girlfriend, you don’t feel like you’re in a very grownup relationship because you barely get a moment alone with the guy.

The anarchist

The man who is always on the look out for what is wrong in society and how to fix it. The man who always has a point to prove.

The highly cerebral

He is sweet, he means well, and you two have the best conversations alone. But, you just can’t take him anywhere else in your life. And that will get tough if you are still young and want a busy social life.

The family man

The guy whose already-existing family is constantly present. The guy who needs to stop by his parent’s home every single day if one of them has a cold. Yea him.

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