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Michael Vick’s fiancé Kijafa Frink called up TT Torrez to chit chat about her fabulous accessory line Pnk Elephant, how she handles being a mother/business woman/fiance, she opened up a bit about her and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick’s relationship and more!

Check it out:

On her accessory line Pnk Elephant:

Kijafa talks about how she started her accessory line with co-owner Blair Sandlain. She talks about her love for accessories and how she plans on expanding her business outside of Philadelphia. She says her company is doing really good despite the state of the economy.

She talks about her two daughters London and Jada and how hard it is to balance her family and her business. She says sometimes she has to put business aside to be a mom and vice verse to keep a healthy balance of her family and her career.

Kijafa says she use to find herself in Vick’s shadow a lot but then she decided to finish school at Hampton University and to show her daughters you don’t have to rely on a man to take care of you. She said she began saving money and investing and it has paid off. To the young women out there pursuing their dreams she tells them to SAVE YOUR MONEY!

On Michael Vick:

Kijafa says she and Michael Vick met while she was in college in his hometown (Newport News, Va) ten years ago. She and Vick are in the process of planning a wedding but they haven’t set a date yet. She says she wants something small…no Kim Kardashian wedding.

Kijafa says she and the other Phildadelphia Eagles’ wives/girlfriends get along great! They travel together, go out to eat together and just spend quality time with one another. She says there’s no drama between her and the other wives like you see on TV.

Kijafa says Michael Vick is doing good after the hit he took against the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday. She says she doesn’t get really worried when he gets hit in the game because he’s like Superman and assures her that he’s going to be ok.

Kijafa says the transition to the Philadelphia Eagles was easy for her and her family since that’s her hometown and all of her family is there.

Kijafa also wants to do a giveaway for #TeamTT! Enter to win $50 worth of accessories via her website: pnkelephant.com. When you sign up on her site, type “TTTorrez” in the company name slot for your chance to win! Good luck!