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A new bill has been signed and sealed into law in Florida. Starting on July 1st, anyone who would like to receive government assistance in the state of Florida will have to pass a drug test. Welfare recipients will have to submit MONTHLY samples and if the sample comes back and it’s not clean, they will have to reimburse the state the cost of the test (which is about $10-$25).

Not only will they have to pay for the test but there are consequences for failing. The  first offense will result in a 6-month ban government assistance. If they fail a second time then you will be banned from receiving benefits for THREE YEARS!

Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law on Tuesday (May 31st). He says the goal of this law “is to make sure we don’t waste taxpayers’ money. And hopefully more people will focus on not using illegal drugs.”

Is this fair? Should the state of Florida drug test welfare recipients?

via Media MRS.

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