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Dear TT

I have this friend who is constantly borrowing money from me. One time I even let her borrow a thousand dollars and another time I let her use my credit card to purchase a dress. The problem is every time I ask her to pay me back she always has an excuse. At first I felt bad for her because she lost her job and had to take a job which paid her extremely less than what she was making before but now I just feel like she is using me.

I say that because two weeks ago she bragged on facebook that she brought a new Mercedes Benz even posted a picture of the car. I was taken back because I’m like hell if she can afford to get a new car then she can afford to pay me back so I text her asking her for all the money she owed me and don’t you know tt she had the nerve to catch an attitude with me! As if asking for my money back was me doing something WRONG!  So I blacked out and told her how I really feel and I told her I can no longer be friends with a person like her. TT mind you she said I was over reacting we’ve been friends for over 15yrs. I do love her as a sister so I guess my question to you is should I let money come between our friendship.