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Lately Jim Jones has been getting a rep for being a little rough around the edges but there are certain things that still bring a smile to his face. The Dipset Capo took a trip down memory lane with to remember his first time on a rap record, “Me, My Moms & Jimmy” from Cam’ron’s 1998 debut, Confessions Of Fire. The playful album cut featured Cam’ron with his mother Fredricka Giles and neophyte rapper Jim. Over samples of Junior’s “Mama Used To Say” and Tom Tom Club’s “Genius Of Love” the trio went back and forth as mom called out the “kingpins” for their bragging and that SHE was the real OG. “Talk slick Cam, you get punched in your mouth/the only keys you had was the one to your house.

“I loved that song,” Jim says with a huge grin. “I remember being in the studio helping moms do the verse in the booth. Cam got frustrated and said ‘I’m not doing this no more! If you want her to do it you get her do it!’ Shout out to mom. She thugged it out with me that night and got it together. That was a fun song.”

Jim has held almost every job imaginable in the record business but the rapping bug bit him when he saw how much money his comrades were making. Watch the clip to see how he went from sidekick to Capo.


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