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Former G-Unit singer Olivia chit chats with TT Torrez about her new role on reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop’, what really went down with her leaving G-Unit, her current relationship status with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and more.

On what really happened with her and G-Unit:

She said it was an all rap label and she felt like she was just singing hooks for the group. She couldn’t sing real R&B songs because G-Unit is a rap label and she was forced to follow his formula, which was formulated for a rap project. She said she spoke to 50 many times about it and she felt uncomfortable because people didn’t get to see her real talent.

She said met 50 Cent through her manager Chris Leighty. She said Chris told her 50 and Dr. Dre heard her music and wanted her to be on either of the labels since they’re both under Interscope. She said 50 won the battle and that’s how she got on G-Unit.

On how she got on reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop’:

The executive producer of Love & Hip Hop contacted her to do the show. The show was originally suppose to be titled “Jim and the Family Jones.” After seeing her and Chrissy’s personalities they decided to make make the show about women building their careers outside of their famous boyfriends. They loved Chrissy’s personality so they wanted to do something with her.

On if ‘Love & Hip Hop’ will help her career:

She believes it will help because this new platform will introduce her to people and people will get to know her. She says she was sheltered on 50 Cent because she wasn’t able to create relationships with people because of the beef that 50 had with people. She said there were people she was cool with before joining G-Unit but was unable to speak with them due to being loyal to 50 Cent.

How she plans to outlive her 15 minutes of fame as a reality star:

She said she was a singer first and already had an established career before becoming a reality tv star. She says she gets offended when people title her as a reality star verses a R&B singer. She said the music will speak for itself and that she’s 150% proud of all the work she has done on her album that’s coming out.

On if we’ll be seeing Mashonda more on ‘Love & Hip Hop’:

She said Mashonda is not apart of the cast and we’ll probably see her about 2 or 3 times throughout the season playing the role as Emily’s friend.

On her relationship with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis:

She said when they first started taping they were still dealing with each other but now they are no longer together. She said VH1 kept that clip for ratings and that she’s not mad at them for that. When TT asked if she thought he was a sucka for tweeting he wasn’t in a relationship with her she said, “Yea, he should have put anymore at least because he actually comes on the show also. I’m not mad at it but he shouldn’t have said anything because he knows that we cleared it up on the show.” When TT asked about Darelle getting knocked out outside of a club in NY she said “No comment, next question please”