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‘Love and Hip Hop’ Emily B. (girlfriend/stylist to Fabolous) recently sat down with Juicy Magazine to dish her thoughts on marriage, what she loves about Fabolous, and what he thinks about the show.

On If Fabolous Sees Himself as Single or in a Relationship

He’ll go on the radio and they’ll ask, ‘Are you single?’ And he’ll say ‘As a dollar bill.’ But it’s funny because he’ll text me, and be like, ‘Don’t listen to the radio.’ I honestly feel and believe that [Fab the rapper] is a personality.

What She Loves About Fab

He’s so intelligent. He teaches me so much. When we’re at home he’s not a rapper. He’s John. He’s not this guy everybody else sees. I’d rather him just be John at home with the kids sitting at the dinner table eating with them. I couldn’t tell you what the pros, because to me, a pro would be just to have him at home.

On Fab’s Feelings About Love & Hip Hop

Fab and I shot a pilot show together about him being a father and trying to be an entertainer as well. They ended up not picking up his pilot. But um, he was a little salty [about me being in Love & Hip Hop]. He never told me not to do it. He was just like, “You know, I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but I’m not gonna tell you not to do it.”

On Opening Up Publicly About Their Relationship

It was definitely like therapy for me because I’d never talked about it. And I didn’t realized that people had questions. I didn’t know people were like, ‘You’ve been with him how long? I’ve never heard of you. I’ve never seen you.’ And I was like, ‘If I’m okay with it, then why are you bothered?

On If She Would Like to Get Married

Absolutely. But I wouldn’t want to be married to anybody that didn’t want to be married because I don’t want to be divorced either. He’s not the youngest guy, and I’m not even 30. I know it’s been a long time, but I’m not gonna force anything. If it happens it happens and it doesn’t maybe I’ll move on. I don’t know what the future holds.

I kinda understand where she’s coming from, not wanting to force anyone to marry her BUT let’s not be a fool either.

via Necole Bitchie