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Here’s part 2 of TT Torrez’s exclusive interview with Lil Kim where Kim opens up about her relationship with Faith Evans and loving Biggie, emotional distress after the Biggie biopic released, her relationship with Diddy now, what REALLY started the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef AND she announces her Black Friday tour plus more!

You don’t want to miss any of this interview. This is Kim as we’ve never seen her before!

On missing Biggie:

“I miss him greatly. I was at a point in my life where I was really stuck and couldn’t really move the way I really needed to move because I was so stuck on him being gone. He was a major part of my heart, not just my life, but a major part of my heart. And you know all parts of your heart have to be working properly in order for you to be healthy and live life. I was stuck. I can’t believe this! For a long time…I mean years. When I was going to prison I think from that point on until now I think I’ve become numb to the fact that he’s gone and I just have a mission now. I have tunnel vision on what the plan is now.”

She said she believes if Biggie was still alive he would have protected her from a lot of the stuff she’s had to deal with.

On her relationship with Faith Evans:

“We had the opportunity [to squash their beef] and she blew it.” She said when she was working with Scott Storch, they knew it was so much money in them doing something together. She thinks Faith dislikes who she is as a person.

She speaks on Faith reaching out during her taping of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ saying, “She was calling my people and was like ‘I want to come and support Kim and sit in her box’ and I’m like ‘Are you kidding me?’

You just made a movie where you told some of the biggest fibs about Biggie’s life and what went on in Biggie’s life and you basically disrespected my character and tried to sabotage who I am. I can’t grow past that at this point.  It was so hard at the time when that movie came out . It was hard to try to convince people who I really am and that’s not me, in the movie.

On Biggie’s biopic, Notorious:

TT points out the young generation not having a clue who Lil Kim is outside of the movie. Kim responds, “People sue people for defamation of character.” Kim wanted to point out that the movie also caused her emotional distress. “I went through that and it hurt because I knew that this isn’t who I was and I knew that half of that wasn’t who Biggie was. I just felt like he deserved to e depicted in the right light at least.”

Kim talks about people commenting on her character in the movie in real life saying, “That did not happen! Like…huh? What are you talking about? You got to understand something, when people see movies they really take it real…”

On loving Biggie:

TT ask if the story line was different, that Biggie loved her and Faith was the mistress he ended up marrying but after awhile came back to Kim, the one he really loved. Kim talked about him cheating on her and times they weren’t talking and she still had to go on the road. He would flirt with other girls and bring other girls around and she would have to watch. She said she would try to do her and it would be a problem.

She said it was hard dealing with a man like Biggie but at the end of the day he use to stalk us saying, “I would never date a married man again. It’s a job! It’s a job…it is. I don’t think no woman deserves to be under that much stress.” She said there were times she felt she didn’t want to be in that position but he was in love with her and wouldn’t let her leave. She said him loving her kept her loving him and he was sort of a father figure to her. She said he would say “I feel like I birthed you. I feel like you’re my daughter.” She said her father wasn’t really in her life at that time.

On her happiness and announces Black Friday Tour:

TT says she wants to see Kim happy and have some children one day because she feels she’s deserving of some type of happiness because she has been through so much. Kim says, “I feel you on that. I think that is so true without even having children right now.  I know that that is very true and yes that is coming soon. I can’t wait.”

She wants to thank everyone for supporting her and showing her love. She says she’s trying to make Virginia one of the first places when she does the Black Friday Tour.  She announces she’s doing a Black Friday tour.

On Nicki Minaj beef:

She said “I’m also doing good music. That’s what it is always going to boil down to. I have to finish the job. I can’t come in half-assing. I got to finish what the mission was. She started it; I’m going to finish it.  And once it’s finish then we move on to phase 2. At the end of the day, I’m still making good music, I’m still gone put out good music. People can take it how they want to take it. But she started it, I’m finishing it, that’s just how it goes. I’m going to always give my fans what they want and I got good music coming to you. People are going to see exactly who I am and the direction that I’m going with my career.”

On her relationship with Puffy/Diddy:

“I really don’t have anything to talk to Puffy about. At this point, if there is a business deal in the future that he wants to take then he can talk to my agent. Before we had the type of relationship where he talked directly to me but now it’s like you get treated like everybody else since you treat me like everybody else.”

On how the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef REALLY started:

Kim said that Nicki hired all her people down to her hair and make-up stylist when she came out. Kim said she saw her hair, make-up and wardrobe stylist with Nicki Minaj. She said “She went and just grabbed everything that had to do with me. Even down to the people who were behind the scenes with me. It’s just crazy, it’s obsessive.  At the end of the day, that’s fine but don’t disrespect me in the process. I don’t understand it.”

On the haters in her life:

She said she’s so glad that all the haters and snakes are revealing themselves now because when she gets to where she needs to get to she doesn’t want any extra leeches and extra bags on her plane. TT calls out Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson & Kanye saying don’t come to Kimmy Blanco for some bars once she blows up. #pow

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