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Gloria Govan (girlfriend/babymama of LA Laker Matt Barnes) called up TT Torrez to talk about why she came back for a 2nd season of “Basketball Wives,” why she and Matt Barnes called off their wedding, the infamous ambush at the restaurant and more. Check it out…


On returning to “Basketball Wives” for a 2nd season

Although being very adamant about not returning for the 2nd season of BBW, she said she came back “to “set ’em straight.” She knew the other “wives” had plenty to say about her and Matt canceling their wedding, so she wanted to come back to see if they would say the things they were saying in interviews to her face.

On their wedding being called off

The wedding was called off because she said they were doing it to please other people. She said when they first decided to get married they were doing it for all the wrong reasons.

On Matt Barnes and infidelity rumors

She’s never had any concrete evidence that Matt Barnes cheated on her. She said she was more upset with Matt Barnes for entertaining the woman that he was rumored to be cheating on her with. She says she trusts Matt 100% but was VERY hesitant when answering the question.

On Matt Barnes signing a multi-million dollar deal with the Lakers

She was nervous about where they was going after leaving Orlando. She said she was relieved that they were going back to the west coast. She was happy that they didn’t go to Miami because of the groupies.

On her calling 911 on Matt Barnes physically abusing her

She says Matt never hit her. She and Matt got into a heated argument outside and it escalated. There was no physical abuse or any physical altercation. She says she takes the blame for the situation because Matt ended up getting arrested. She says she didn’t bail him out because she was frustrated with him but her family bailed him out.

On the status of their relationship

She’s still his fiancée and they still plan to get married.

On her having a relationships with other NBA players

Gloria says she never had a relationship or had sex with Gilbert Arenas prior to her sister hooking up with Gilbert. She said she never had a relationship with Chris Webber either.

On why she doesn’t get along with the other “Wives”

She thinks the other women on the show don’t like her because she didn’t throw her sister under the bus because of rumors of her sister sleeping with Shaq. She thinks the other women are frustrated with her because she didn’t bash Matt like the other women did their partners.

On the ambush in the restaurant

She responds, “What are yall grown women doing? Especially Shaunie, I’m like ‘don’t you have 18 kids? If you don’t go home and read one of them a book and stop worrying about what I’m doing.’ I’m just sayin'” She said Shaunie deserved every word she said about her. She doesn’t care what the other “wives” are doing, so it was surprising to her that they cared so much about what was going on in her life.

On her castmates

She said she doesn’t know what happened with the change in her castmates behavior. Evelyn went from crying all the time last season to becoming a “gangsta” this season.  Jennifer is throwing her opinions every chance she gets. She says she thinks Evelyn picks on Suzy because she knows Suzy isn’t going to do anything. She said if Evelyn was to bring that crap to her it would be a totally different situation.

On what she’s doing outside of “Basketball Wives”

She’s working on a cook book. She’s president of Matt’s foundation so she’s been busy with that. She’s also thinking about starting a jewelry line.