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You had to know this was coming…After drifting apart in the last few months both personally and professionally due to her parents divorce and Mathew fathering a child, I’m hearing that Mathew will no longer manage Beyonce’s career.

And stepping into that role will be none other than hubby Jay-Z!!

According to a VERY WELL PLACED source, Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles have been “drifting apart” both personally and professionally. The insider explains, “Since the [divorce] of her parents, her relationship with her father is becoming strained . . . Also professionally, she wants to stay edgy and relevant, where her father wants her to make more ‘mature’ music.”

So the end result . . .is a SPLIT between the two. Word is that the separation will FINALIZE ths year

And afterward, the insider explained,”Jay Z and his team will operate as [Beyonce’s] management.”


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