Born in New Orleans but raised in Norfolk, King Kufi is looking to make his mark on the industry. His self-proclaimed love for making music is driven by a desire to move the soul.

Teairra Mari's ex-boyfriend leaked her nudes and a sex tape on her IG page earlier today.

R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend detailed extremely explicit sexual acts with R. Kelly including a time she watched him urinate on other women.

R. Kelly's 22-year-old girlfriend Halle Calhoun shared pictures from the birthday party he threw her this week.

All summer long we’ve heard the heinous tales about what goes on in R. Kelly‘s secret sex cult, but now one of the singer’s accusers is spilling the real tea about what it takes to please Mr. Kelly. On Monday, 24-year old Jerhonda Pace, who broke a nondisclosure agreement to accuse R. Kelly of sexually […]

K. Michelle is opening up about her relationship with R. Kelly and the sex cult allegations leveraged against him.

The family of Joycelyn Savage — the woman allegedly brainwashed by R. Kelly — will not be ignored. The Savage squad rolled up to R. Kelly’s place in Atlanta with the police backing them up. Joycelyn’s parents and their attorney, Gerald Griggs, initially reached out to Kelly so they could arrange a meeting with their daughter […]

Today (August 25) marks the day the parents of one of R. Kelly‘s alleged “sex cult” victims are asking to see their daughter. R. Kelly will be in Atlanta for a concert and Joycelyn Savage‘s mother and father are desperate to see her. They reportedly haven’t seen Joycelyn for almost a year. The attorney for Joycelyn’s family, […]

A 24-year-old woman who escaped the R. Kelly "cult" life is speaking out.

Now a 24-year-old mother of three with the married name Jerhonda Pace, she tells BuzzFeed News that after the trial, when she was 16, she became one of many women traumatized by a sexual relationship with Kelly. Her detailed and well-documented story of accepting cash settlements from the star in return for signing nondisclosure agreements, […]

The family who accused R. Kelly of brainwashing their daughter into his alleged sex cult is fighting back. R. Kelly will now have to face a team of lawyers that the family hired to get their daughter back. According to TMZ, Joycelyn Savage‘s parents hired attorneys Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard as a way […]