There was a vote taken in Charlottesville, Va to remove/relocate General Lee’s statue from the city’s (Charlottesville) square, to a location that the city council has 60 days to come up with. This conversation started when Councilor Wes Bellamy called for the statue of Lee to be removed, citing members of the community who feel […]

Via: (April 7) — Celebrating the Confederacy is no longer a lost cause. For nearly a decade, Virginia has quietly declined to mark its secession from the union. But on Tuesday — days before the 150th anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War — Gov. Bob McDonnell declared April as Confederate History Month […]

Via: // Virginia’s Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell has declared that April is Confederate history month, celebrating the many Southern whites who fought to preserve slavery and leave the union. No word as for when he will declare Nazi History month. Here is his statement regarding the declaration. This defining chapter in Virginia’s history should […]