48 Laws of Power

1. The Arrogant and Proud Man Although he may initially disguise it, this man’s touchy pride makes him very dangerous. Any perceived slight will lead to a vengeance of overwhelming violence. You may say to yourself, “But I only said such-and-such at a party, where everyone was drunk. …” It does not matter. There is […]

This means a lot to me. When I came to Richmond. It was a culture shock. Totally different from Cleveland, Ohio. I was not cut out for this city. I was overly aggressive, loud, immature, and I was always in my feelings about things that people would say to me. I never took the time […]

This week i’ve been questioning my moves a lot. I’ve felt like i’m all over the place. Too many irons in the fire, for lack of better words. So I was having a conversation with a friend; and they agreed that I need to focus on less, and and give more energy to what works […]