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After Franklin (Damson Idris) lost everything he had worked for at the end of last season, we knew that this final season would be about him trying to get it all back…by any means necessary. The episode starts with Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) and Cassandra (Tamara Taylor) putting in some work to help the cause. While Cassandra distracted William (the person who helped Teddy move Franklin’s money) at a business meeting, Veronique waited outside of his office. As soon as William left, his assistant  opened up his safe and got some important documents that Veronique was able to take pictures of. The documents included accounts, amounts, transfers and routing numbers. Even with all the information they gathered, the bottom line was still that they needed Teddy (Carter Hudson) to make things seriously happen. Feeling like they had wasted three weeks, Franklin becomes infuriated. He takes his irritation out on Cassandra, who isn’t receptive to his form of communication. Veronique lets Franklin know that the way he spoke to her mother wasn’t okay and that she’s a very valuable piece to their current puzzle. Franklin ends up concurring and eventually agrees to let the two of them go out of town alone. We find out closer to the end of the episode that their destination was Kansas. Who do they know there? How can this visit help their cause? Also, who was the mysterious white guy in the front seat of the car Veronique was in who mentioned the bureau?

That wasn’t the only issue Franklin Saint had to deal with this episode. Kane (Devaughn Nixon) is out of the hospital but his crew isn’t bringing in nearly enough money. Franklin visits him and tells him that it’s not a matter of selling, but more so a matter of making the product. Franklin proposes that Kane take him to his cookhouses so that he can see their process. Although he shows resistance at first, Kane tells Ricky to take Franklin. He adds that whatever Franklin says should be taken like it’s coming from him. When Franklin arrives at the cookhouse, he realizes why things aren’t going well…the workers in there are bs’ing. One of the workers in the house (Todd) didn’t appreciate Franklin’s approach and spoke defiantly, causing Franklin to burn his face on the stove. Todd feels very disrespected and takes his issues to Kane, who back Franklin. Since he didn’t get the response he was looking for from his own boss, Todd then went to Jerome (Joseph Amin) and Louie (Angela Lewis). He admits that he was one of the people who shot up their club but he knows where Kane is laying his head and he wants to help them get him. Although Kane sided with Franklin in front of Todd, he did have some words for Franklin when the two met alone again. Kane emphasizes that him and Franklin are not buddy buddy just because they’re doing business together and that he will discipline his workers the way he wants. Franklin responds by letting him know that he won’t let anybody play with his money. Before the argument gets out of hand, they’re ambushed. Jerome and Louie sent people to shoot the spot up. Fortunately, Franklin and Kane escape the house (and kill three people in the process) and are able to get away by the hairs on their chins. How will Franklin respond to the attack on him and Kane at the hands of his aunt and uncle? Does Kane now trust Franklin since that he basically saved his life?

Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Teddy both should be trying to figure out how to save their own lives. After their mission in Costa Rica was a failure, Ruben (Alejandro Edda) and the KGB now know that Teddy is onto them. Instead of letting him take them down first, Ruben decides that they need to go on the offensive. He shifts his focus from Cissy (Michael Hyatt) and Franklin to Gustavo, who he feels is vulnerable and knows all the details about everything. After Gustavo gets into an argument with Xiomara, he goes to the bar to get his mind right. Ruben finds him there and without giving up exactly who he is, offers him a proposition. He discloses that he knows that Gustavo is working for both the CIA and DEA . He also shares that Teddy has been lying to him for quite some time now, specifically about him still working with the CIA. Ruben goes on to tell Gustavo if he gives up the location to Teddy’s warehouse, he’d get full immunity and his family would be safe. Teddy was steamed outside the bar the whole time and got pictures of Ruben as he was leaving. Gustavo was given 24 hours to make a choice. Ironically enough, Tony and the DEA are already planning on raiding the warehouse the next day so Gustavo is really going to be in the pressure cooker. The next move is on Teddy, who is quickly realizing that his time trying to make the operation work is winding down. He expresses this to Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale), who he suggests should move in with him until things settle down. Although she declined the offer, she was concerned with what his next move would be. He came to the conclusion that he could either shut the whole thing down and try to save what he has left of his career or take the money he stole from Franklin and disappear. What do you think he’s going to do? How long does he have before everything around him starts caving in?

When Leon (Isaiah John) felt like everything around him was caving in, he left for Africa and took Wanda (Gail Bean) with him. The newly married couple can’t help but to ignore how much worse the projects look compared to how it did before they left. Two things in specific stood out to Leon. The first, was that Einstein (Kamron Alexander) wasn’t in school. Leon talks to him and encourages him to look into applying for colleges. This is an idea that Deon (Quincy Chad) looked down on and told Einstein to forget about. He gave him a bonus for his hard work (and maybe to bribe him to stay in the drug game). Leon and Deon also disagree about the street lights. Deon had been shooting the street lights out so that the dealers could have more cover from the cops. Leon brings up his concerns but Deon doesn’t budge. After almost being shot by and getting good advice from Cissy (she got Wanda a gig working at the shelter five days a week), Wanda comes back to the projects and updates Leon on what’s going on with her. He tells her that he’s second guessing moving back. He noted that everything he was looking for to when he got back was gone. All while they’re having this conversation, Deon and his crew are slut shaming Wanda, but Leon keeps his cool. The last scene of the episode could have a huge impact on how the rest of the season goes. As Leon and Wanda are helping Einstein with a college application, they hear Deon shooting out yet another street light (Leon just paid to get four of them fixed). Leon charges at Deon and they get into a whole squabble in front of the whole neighborhood. In the midst of the fight, Deon taunts him and emphasizes that Leon left his people starving and that he wasn’t built for the life anymore. Leon eventually gets the upper hand and wins the fight. We know that this won’t be the last time these two face off. Has Leon crossed back into the game? Will Jerome or Franklin get involved in their dispute? Are we about to witness all hell break loose? We can’t wait to see! Drop your thoughts on the fourth episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week too!

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