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While for folks, such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins and Serena Williams, 2017 brought utter magic, success and world admiration. But for others, 2017 was filled with scandal, public embarrassment and the frequent dragging by Black Twitter.

Take a look at our list of 10 Black celebrities that had a pretty rough year. Who do you think made the list?

BEAUTIES: Who else had a bad year? Let us know!

The Biggest Losers: 10 Celebs Who Had A Horrible 2017  was originally published on

1. Omarosa Manigualt

Omarosa Manigualt

Little Miss Omarosa thought she was Cinderella at the ball when Trump won the presidential election, but now it’s pretty obvious that she was really treated like the ugly stepsister. When news hit that she got fired from her White House position and was even escorted out for acting a fool, Black Twitter rejoiced! Maybe next time, she’ll think twice from telling folks to bow down to Trump. #ByeFelicia

2. Tyrese


This year, Tyrese–aka Lyrese, aka Cryese–did the absolute most, especially on social media. From lying about Will and Jada giving him $5 MILLION to being accused of child abuse to creating one-sided beefs with folks like Dwayne Johnson to lying about his wife being pregnant, the “Fast and Furious” star showed his entire a@$. Hopefully now that he has changed his mental health meds, he will be back to his old self. Which, we have to admit was still pretty problematic.

3. Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell

The minute Tina Campbell fixed her lips to say that she voted for Trump because they share some similar “Christian values,” you could hear her career imploding. Not only does she continue to get dragged by Black Twitter, but this fall she had to postpone her concert tour due to poor ticket sales.

Guess, those good Godly Trump voters didn’t have her back. Sorry, sis.

4. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

The talk show host is another one that let Trump get in the way of his Black base. For Steve Harvey, all hell broke loose when he met with Trump and later told Black people to respect the man who didn’t even know that Frederick Douglass was dead. In addition to a leaked petty email he sent to his staff and plummeting ratings, it can’t be denied that Mr. Harvey’s 2017 was less than stellar.

5. Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash

Who gets fired on their day off? None other than Stacey Dash, who was let go from her FOX News job earlier this year. Poor girl, also got her edges snatched off for talking badly about Black History Month and calling Maxine Waters a “media buffoon.” One of these days, she’s gonna learn.

6. Ja Rule

Ja Rule

Ja Rule and the other folks behind the Fyre Festival really tried to sell rich millenialls a dream of a luxury island concert series filled with gourmet meals, private bungalows and super models. Instead, stranded concert goers got Kraft cheese slices, no music and dehydration. Whether or not the rapper knew what a scam this was, it doesn’t matter. Be more savvy about who you work with and what you lend your name to bruh.

7. Sunny Anderson

Sunny Anderson

Just when some of us were this close to forgiving Food Network’s Sunny Anderson for smiling all up in Paula Deen’s face a few years ago, the television personality had another faux pas. She decided to go on Twitter and basically blame women for not reporting sexual harassment and assault when it happens. No worries: Twitter eviscerated her. Do better, Sunny.