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Pete Rock is a legendary producer, rapper, DJ and a Hip-Hop icon, without question. However, his grasp of how vaccinations work in light of the world being in the midst of a global pandemic leaves much to be desired.

The “Straighten It Out” producer revealed his hand on Twitter—where else?—thanks to a tweet essentially questioning the efficacy of vaccines.

“Vaccine shit is real stupid. How you giving vaccine to people who arent sick???,” tweeted Pete Rock early Thursday morning (Dec. 10).

Then he doubled down.

Yeah, Pete’s mentions have been looking like a bomb test site ever since. It would seem that the renowned producer doesn’t truly have a grasp on how vaccines work. Per the FDA, ‘Vaccines work by mimicking the infectious bacteria or viruses that cause disease. Vaccination stimulates the body’s immune system to build up defenses against the infectious bacteria or virus (organism) without causing the disease. The parts of the infectious organism that the immune system recognizes are foreign to the body and are called antigens. Vaccination exposes the body to these antigens.”

Basically, you’re not getting shot up with the virus in question, per se. But your body (well, your immune system) is getting prepped to fend what you were vaccinated with off in the event that you’re exposed to said virus—preventing you from falling ill. It’s why for the most part people aren’t catching polio or smallpox, you were more than likely vaccinated as a kid.

But, many weren’t so understanding of Pete’s ignorance, no shots, willful or not.

“Yeah !! While we at it, BIRTH CONTROL is stupid why we giving birth control to women who ain’t pregnant!!,” responded @pablogodfredo, quite sarcastically.

Also, if you’ve been following Pete Rock’s socials long enough, you’ll have noticed he is quite open to the occasional conspiracy theories. That’s not to say people should be 100% trusting—especially Black people considering known past incidents like the Tuskegee Experiment where Black men were denied treatment for syphilis, unbeknownst to them at the time.

But that’s no excuse for not doing ALL the knowledge before making a personal decision like taking a vaccine or not. Peep more reactions to Pete Rock’s hot take below.


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