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Who are the MOMS?  They are women from all over the United States. They share the same horrible pain of having their children murdered.

Clocks keep ticking.

The world continues to turn. The sun rises on time as if nothing has happened. But we know the truth and in our journey together we share that truth. The truth that love never dies, and as long as we can share our beloved children, our hearts will continue to beat.

Grief is a universal human experience and all of us are familiar with the feelings of pain and sadness following a loss. We read about tragedies every day in the newspapers, see them on TV, hear about misfortunes from friends or experience a loss of someone dear to us through illness or old age. Our culture tends to encourage us to ignore death and pain, and promotes the myth that we can all be young, beautiful and if we live right, happy forever.

Here are just a few faces that we will remember.

For more on the Trayvon  Martin case  readcour sister site NewsOne.

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