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Follow These Funny Ladies:

Stephanie McRae:

Watch Stephanie’s comedy on YouTube.

Nichelle Stephens:

Follow Nichelle on Twitter @niche, where she’s sure to be live tweeting your favorite shows and follow her other blog @CupcakeBlog Also, check out Chicks & Giggles!

Hadiyah Robinson:

She’s going on the road with the fabulously funny Erica Watson this summer across the U.S. hitting every clubs, bars and baby showers. Please follow them on @ThatRoadLife on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Maryssa Smith:

Check out Maryssa’s shows. She produces two monthly shows, Fashionably Funny at Broadway Comedy Club and Merriment and Mortification at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Phoebe Robinson:

Catch Phoebe on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and follow her on Twitter @PRobinsonComedy.

Yamaneika Saunders:

Watch Yamaneika on Oxygen’s new show, “Funny Girls,” premiering April 7th. Also, follow her on Twitter @Yamaneika!

Chloe Hilliard:

Follow Chloe on Instagram & Twitter @Chloe_Hilliard and go see her headline live at Caroline’s on April 28th!

Akilah Hughes:

Check out Akilah on YouTube & follow her on social media!

Loni Love:

Catch her on “The Real” or on her stand up comedy tour!

Del Harrison:

Follow Del on Twitter and catch her on a new TV show that she can’t tell us about quite yet!


Funny For A Black Girl: What It’s Like To Be Black, A Woman & A Comedian At The Same Damn Time  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com