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Public housing, or government-subsidized housing for low-income individuals and families, has a long and complex history.

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In my study, the primary reasons Black young adults consider suicide could be grouped into three main categories.

The State of the Black World Conference V (SOBWC-V) is an upcoming event that addresses crucial issues that affect Black communities.

The number of Black police chiefs in America has been increasing over the few years, as inclusion seems to be a thing among officers. The post Black Police Chiefs On The Rise, But Their Burden Seems ‘Unfair’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Being Black in America and coping with stress seems so trivial. America was built on the premise of stressing out Black folks. The post Being Black In America And Coping With Stress appeared first on NewsOne.

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As soon as Sway Lee opened the door, the host walked right in, asking Lee if he would vote for Trump in 2024.  The post Who Asked Swae Lee About Politics? Rapper Says Trump Is ‘Tapped In’ appeared first on NewsOne.

National Action Network’s Annual Convention will be held in New York City this week from April 12-15 at the Times Square Hotel.  The post NAN Convention 2023: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on NewsOne.

Netto, is, apparently, not a fan of Candace Owens or her spouse and he did not bother being shy about it. The post Candace Owens Cries About Designer Who Refused To Work With Her Or Her Husband, Suggests It’s Like ‘Jim Crow’ appeared first on NewsOne.

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From box braids and twists to cornrows and dreadlocks, Black hairstyles have been appropriated for decades. The post Black Hairstyles That Have Been Appropriated By The World appeared first on NewsOne.

Howard University announced the appointment of Stacey Abrams as the inaugural Ronald W. Walters Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics. The post Howard University Names Stacey Abrams As Chair For Race And Black Politics appeared first on NewsOne.

Union organizer and former Teacher, Brandon Johnson was elected as Chicago’s next mayor on Tuesday, succeeding Lori Lightfoot. The post Former Teacher Brandon Johnson Elected Chicago’s New Mayor appeared first on NewsOne.

Here are a few slang words that Black parents should have on their radar. The post 10 Slang Words Black Parents Should Know appeared first on NewsOne.