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Day by day the coronavirus continues to spread across America with over 200,000 cases. With people across many states practicing social distancing and stay at home policies in place. When you need to go out for your essentials, Here’s a guide we must remember when shopping at your local grocery stores and dealing with the […]

  March 30th marks one year since the tragic passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle to gun violence. One year later fans across the world still honor him in major ways from book clubs, murals, paints, music, the tributes are endless. Lauren London, who shares a child with Nipsey Hussle has been very vocal on how […]

  Drake recently broke the internet after finally posting pictures of his adorable son Adonis after years of hiding his son from the world. Drake even posted on his social media page a sweet letter to Adonis who was born on October 11, 2017. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-WjWVJlBnJ/   We were all shocked to finally get an image […]

  Source: WENN/Avalon / WENNDonald Trump has extended distancing through April 30th to help keep the death toll in the US below 100,000. This news comes shortly after president Trump said he wanted to reopen the country and reopen businesses by Easter.Donald Trump has also stated that the death rates due to the coronavirus would […]

R. Kelly has been locked up and charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse charges and now he is seeking to be released from prison with fears he will contract the Coronavirus. He asked a federal judge Thursday March 26 to free him from federal jail in Chicago where he is currently awaiting trail […]

Could we possibly be blessed with new music from singer Rihanna after many years of nothing? Maybe, but not quite, According to sources, Rihanna is a rumored feature on PARTYNEXTDOOR new album “PARTYMOBILE” that is set to be released at midnight. PARTYNEXTDOOR has teased his new album release for some time causing many fans to […]

Water, bread, toilet paper... what do you really need when heading to the grocery store in a time when the words coronavirus and COVID-19 are as common as "please" and "thank you?" Here are a few tips to take with you on your next trip to the grocery store. 

President Donald Trump introduced his plans to lift social distance guidelines in the near future, indicating that it wouldn't be long before all Americans would be able to return back to normal life.

We all love the 90s! Even in 2020, we still appreciate that era of great music! One great thing the 90s brought us was edgy, boss rapper chick, Lil Kim! From her swag to her timeless hits like “Crush On You,” “Lighters Up,” and more! The world grew to know the Brooklyn native real fast! […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics has decided on Monday March 23rd that they are going to postpone the 2020 Olympic games that are set to take place in Tokyo due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite wanting to wait to make a decision, The decision from IOC was discussed to wait until April if the games would be […]

Americans are also waiting to see if the government is going to provide some sort of aid during this time.

Kodak Black has been behind bars for some time now but looks like he’s doing something positive while serving time. According to sources at TMZ, his attorney has stated that Kodak Black will send 625 books to the kids in Broward Country Florida to help with the impact the Coronavirus has caused. Kodak Black was […]