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Earlier this week I visited the faculty and staff of Ratcliff elementary school and I had a ball.  The faculty and staff were very welcoming also, the kids came and met their teachers and saw their new classes.  SHot out to hot shots photo booth and Mrs Morgan for having the pictures live.  Their were […]

Sources say that while LiL Durk was in Philadelphia Friday night and a man was stabbed and later passed away.  Another incident was that Lil Durk’s tour bus was shot up.  But he went to social media and shot all those blogs, BUT NOT THIS ONE HAHA, saying that the tour bus getting shot up […]

1738 Remy Boyz is having a great start to his career.  With 3 different songs on the charts AND in rotation on radio across the country, tonight will be a statement at the VMAs.  I believe that he should get best new artist, and best hip hop song.  We will see tonight though. UNTIL NEXT […]

So Young Dro asked his stripper friend could he use her car so she agreed, as long as he would pick her up after her shift.  SO after her shift he was nowhere to be found.  The stripper used on-star to locate her car she happens to find the car the same time the police […]

If things couldn’t get any worse in C Breezy’s Baby Mama Drama.  Allegedly Breezy’s baby Mama has been playi9ng him this whole time.  According to http://www.bossip.com Someone has come forward alleging that Nia Guzman, the mother of Chris Brown’s daughter and the girlfriend of wanted criminal King Ba, is not only involved in his scams but […]

Drake signed a deal with Apple and he did not no what that his live stream was going down when he was about to perform at LiL Wayne concert. According to http://www.allhiphop.com Reports began circulating earlier in the evening that Apple threatened to sue Tidal for $20 million if the platform streamed Drake performing. The […]

Frank Ocean was suppose to head the FYF 2 day fest but he backed out on his on terms.  SO Kanye West will be taking his spot.  According to http://www.allhiphop.com other folks that are on the bill include. Run the Jewels, D’Angelo and the Vanguard, Solange, FKA Twigs and more.  It goes down this weekend […]

The dude Dr. Dre was one who had a major part in N.W.A. coming on the scene in a major major way.  But with fame and becoming a celebrity, came a lot of heartache and pain.  In the movie Straight OUTTA Compton you saw a lot of relationship problems when he first got signed or […]

I asked this question because at the end of the day two of his attempts at Drake bombed.  Now he tried to diss a fellow Philly Native AR-AB.  That didn’t work either.  He went on stage in Camden New Jersey, and went off on  AR-AB for taking sides with Drake.  Then a few hours later […]

It took 16 years and the release of the NWA movie for Dre to drop his next album.  Word on the street is his album will debut at #2 on the charts and he is to make $350k.  With Itunes being the only place to get it now he probably would’ve went number 1 on […]

In light of everything in the media with police brutality, all the fuss over the confederate flag and a nation divided, its like this movie is right on time.  Even though this movie shows the Group NWA how they came from the streets of Los Angles and made and impact of the culture we all […]

So we all know this past week Drake has tried to ruin Meek Mill career.  Meek brought this on himself by starting rumors on twitter, saying Drake don’t write his own rhymes.  So Drake responded 3 times with disses going at Meeks neck.  So there is a rumor out there now which says that Kendrick […]