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Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter just dropped his eleventh album, The Blueprint 3, about five months ago, and he’s already starting preliminary work on his twelfth release.

MTV News asked Jay about the upcoming album, and Jay says that he’s got one “crazy” song done, and a few ideas he’s working on.

Let’s hope that Jay doesn’t release this record too soon. After the media blitz that was the Blueprint 3 Marketing Plan, we need a chance to miss Jay’s presence.  Overexposure may work for awhile, but just like in wifey Beyoncé’s case, it backfires eventually.

Take a couple years off Jay! You and Beyoncé should just go on a 2 year vacation and just be Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Carter.

Don’t worry about becoming “irrelevant”, none of these new jacks have half of the talent and personality (at least in Jay-Z’s case for this one) that you two have, so your return will be welcomed with open arms.  It works for Sade!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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