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A 36 year old man who goes by the name Jamelia Lillian Sanders was arrested and charged with PREDATORY ASSAULT on at least two little girls. The man had a extraordinary way of getting close to his victims.

Knowing that parents are LEARY of allowing men around their daughters, Jamelia dressed up as a WOMAN – and convinced parents that he was going to be a “big sister” to their daughters.

And MediaTakeOut.com learned that at least ONE family bought his act – and unwittingly allowed the PREDATOR to spend time ALONE with their daughters, ages seven and nine.

While alone with the two girls, Jillian repeatedly RAPED and sodomized them. The children, after a lot of counseling, finally came forward and told police what happened.

And he’s lucky that the police GOT TO HIM. Cause the streets found out what dude was up to and EXACTED some STREET JUSTICE on this monster. Police rescued him from angry citizens and took him into custody.

If convicted, this MONSTER will receive up to 10 years in prison.