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HipHopWired Reports:

What Southern artist ISN’T upset with the upcoming Hip-Hop Honors?

With Uncle Luke and Tony Draper in protest to the celebration of the “Dirty South” presented by VH1, Scarface is yet another name that has a problem with the program and has chosen not to attend.

Prior to the upcoming show, Face attended for the past two year, but now feels as though the South is being blatantly disrespected and are just getting it for pity.

During an interview with ozone, the recently returned rapper spoke on the Minstrel Show-like tactics be used by the station.

“They’re like, ‘Let’s give these ni**as down there a pacifier so they can stop feeling left out. We’ll make Luke and all these ni**as down there look funny,” you know? “Let’s put a plate of fried chicken and some watermelon and let’s just do some ni**a-a** shit.” (laughs) Quote, end quote. “Some ni**a-a** sh*t.” Fried chicken and watermelon. “Sh*t, the faster we get this over with, the better.”

While Face maintains that the idea was a great thought, he has also always stated that he never wants to be just looked at as a Southern rapper as his appeal has stretched farther out in his career.

“I don’t wanna be classified as just “Dirty South.” I’m Hip Hop, man. I’m not going because I feel slighted. Even though it was a nice gesture, I feel like it’s just a pacifier.”