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Last night (May 19th), Queial of Da Congressmen addressed allegations that have been rampantly spreading across the net, concerning recent altercations with rappers Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane.

Queial, who hails from Atlanta’s Zone 1 on the West Side, is the cousin of rapper Slick Pulla, who has a long running feud Waka Flocka.

A video of the confrontation hit various Hip-Hop websites yesterday as Gucci Mane attempted to shoot a video.

The Congressmen are signed to Prestige Entertainment, Slick Pulla’s imprint.

The group consists of Queail Nitty, Put on Tone, Lil Cord, Joe Chinks, Juan Don, Lil Bussie, John Doe, Juvey, Donkee Boy, Hoodrich & ISG, TLT Truth.

Queail denied reports that Da Congressman were Crips.

“Not down with no Crip, Not down with no Blood, not affiliated with none of them, but I can say I f**k with everybody,” Queail told AllHipHop.com.

According to Queail, the problem with Waka started because “Waka is not from the ATL period, he’s from the country outside of Monroe.”

When asked if they were among the group of men involved in an altercation with Waka Flocka in Atlanta in the clothing store in March, Queail declined to say, due to legal implications.

“This has nothing to Jeezy, Gucci Mane or none of that s**t. Gucci and Jeezy don’t know nothing about that s**t, don’t wanna know nothing about that s**t,” Queail told AllHipHop.com. “Gucci and Jeezy did they own thang, more power to them. This isn’t about Waka Flocka or none of that. First of all I smashed Waka Flocka for a reason, ya feel me, and that reason was in the streets.”