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On Jan. 29, an article from the New York Times weirdly credited Travis Kelce for inventing “the fade” haircut, which has been a staple in hoods across America for decades. And after a collective groan was heard on every block from coast to coast, Kelce has stepped up to set the record straight.

The NFL superstar not only pushed back on the notion that he started the “trend” of getting fades, but also took issue with the article dropping days before Black History Month.

“And to do it on Feb. 1,” said Kelce during his Super Bowl press conference. “They throw me into the wolves like that. That was messed up, man. I don’t want anything to do with that one, man.”

Kelce, whose business managers happen to be Black men, by the way, also offered some style tip. “It’s a two on top and a nice high-to-mid fade with a taper in the back,” he said, “I didn’t invent that. I just asked for it,” he added.

Why thank you sir for being honest and self-aware in this particular situation. Had Kelce had a Trumpian attitude, he probably would’ve accepted credit for inventing the haircut as Cheeto Jesus is notorious for trying to colonize things he had absolutely nothing to do with. Kelce knew heads were ready to chew him up if he went along with the story.

Now that he’s set the record straight on the matter, he can continue to go about his business and be a part of other conspiracy theories that the far-right MAGAts currently have him involved in such as he and Taylor Swift are actually agents for the CIA who’s mission it was to get to the Super Bowl and somehow convince Americans to vote for Joe Biden during the big game. We would say you can’t make this stuff up, but someone did and now it’s a thing. America in 2024.

What do y’all think of Travis Kelce’s response to Fadegate? Y’all good on him setting the record straight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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