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People across social media joined in a collective cringe last Friday when Canadian white supremcee Tom MacDonald released the song “Facts” featuring none other than professional instant WAP dryer Ben Shapiro.

Now, people are commenting that they didn’t have Shapiro busting an excruciatingly Caucasian rhyme in a viral video wasn’t on their Bingo cards—considering he spent years vehemently denouncing rap music as some sort of ghetto plague sullying the American arts—but if you had been paying attention to the cultural shift among neo-conservatives, you would know that the tighty-righty-whitey brigade has done a 180 on its anti-rap stance now that its trying to appeal to Black voters and shed its old, white and stale image. (They’re apparently going for a young, 99% white and stale identity now.)

I mean, look, if minions of the MAGA world were self-aware and capable enough of critical thinking to detect their own glaring hypocrisy, then MacDonald wouldn’t be out here rapping about how easily offended his ideological opponents are while KK-Krying about rainbow and Black Lives Matter flags replacing American flags, which they clearly are not doing. (Seriously, what is it with these white and fragile Great Replacement Theory acolytes that they can’t imagine the increased existence of people of color, other religions or even non-traditionally American flags without also imagining the sudden non-existence of white people and white people-related things? For white supremacists, they have quite the inferiority complex, don’t they?)

“I don’t care if I offend you,” says the guy who goes on to cry Scott Adams tears about how it’s OK to be white and he won’t let whatever “woke” boogieman exists in his nightmares make him feel ashamed.

“I’m not ashamed because I’m white/If every Caucasian’s a bigot, I guess every Muslim’s a terrorist, every liberal is right,” MC MAGA Strawman rapped.

And Shapiro is standing right next to him consigning every word about liberal snowflakes as if he didn’t cry for 40-some-odd minutes about men being bullied by a Barbie movie.

Again, considering the limitlessness of right-wing shamelessness, it’s not terribly surprising that Shapiro—who once tweeted, “Fact: Rap isn’t music. And if you think it is, you’re stupid”—is now calling himself “America’s #1 Rapper” on X after sharing a stage with a grilled-out rapping white boy who uses Black culture to demean Black causes. It’s not as offensive as it is obnoxious. 

Here’s what I wrote previously about conservatives and their sudden pseudo-affinity for rappers and rap music:

As a lifelong Hip-Hop head, I must say it’s been disappointing to watch some of the rappers I grew up listening to—artists who stood against everything American conservatism seeks to uphold—willfully align themselves with ideologues of white nationalism who will, in turn, exploit their, at best, superficial support in order to present a false image of racial diversity with hopes that they can continue being racist while not being called racist.

Even now, conservative pundits and politicians deflect to rap music whenever they need a scapegoat for American violence or to justify their anti-Blackness. A decade or so ago, rappers like Ice CubeKiller MikeLil Wayne and even Kanye West wouldn’t be in the mentions of prominent right-ringers, especially elected officials, unless they were being denounced as thugs and degenerates whose music is poisoning the youth and destroying the Black community. But now, they’re at least good for a photo-op because the MAGA world is desperate for “Black friend” support.

And that’s why Shapiro is now gleefully celebrating his rap feature being #1 on iTunes—as if it’s for any reason outside of the public’s love of a good trainwreck—and having the unmitigated caucasity to weigh in on the viral beef between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion like anyone should care about the rapping rap-hater’s opinion about whose the better rapper. 

But whatever. In 2024, rap haters are going to hate and right-wingers are going to claim everyone is offended too easily after boycotting Bud Light for an ad with a trans person in it, threatening to boycott the NFL over Taylor Swift, threatening to boycott the NFL over athletes kneeling during the national anthem, and crying like salty white tears over the Black national anthem being sung at sporting events.

These people simply are the overly sensitive, perpetually offended snowflakes they claim everyone else is.



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