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At this point, Halle Bailey fans and celebrity news lovers may be sick of reading about the starlet’s pregnancy rumors. And it seems like Halle is, too.

With a coy caption and a gorgeous face card, the Little Mermaid star seemingly responded to baby-on-board speculation with posts on social media. And from the comments, fans can’t get enough.

Halle’s pregnancy rumors started in September. Fans watched Chloe Bailey’s sister like a hawk, alleging that she wore a flowy dress to the 2023 MTV Music Awards to “hide her baby bump. And Page Six reported that the singer avoided the red carpet and shook hands most of the night. Chloe’s fashion choices during Paris Fashion Week, including an oversized blazer, also fueled rumors in the same month.

Speculation continued growing in October when paparazzi caught Halle rocking baggy clothing while enjoying a weekend with her boyfriend, DDG. Displaying a more casual look for the usually well-put-together star, the outfit seemed to ‘give baby bump.’

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More recently, while on vacation, which BOSSIP reports may be a “baby moon,” DDG dropped a Snapchat video that allegedly shows Halle’s stomach. The video has been slowed down and reposted across platforms.

Arguably keeping the trolling going, DDG has responded to social media chatter as rumors swirl. He edited his Instagram profile after critics talked about the couple’s relationship and called him a “BUM” in October. And this week, the rapper called the Internet “gullible” as if to insinuate that rumors are false.

Despite the nosy chatter, Halle has remained quiet. Earlier this week, she even posted a sexy picture carousel on vacation. Showing her gorgeous figure and butt-long braids, Halle looks stunning.

But her November 15 posts seemingly send a message to fans concerned with her uterus.

In the captures, Halle dropped three close-up photos of her face while posing in a pool. Her skin is glowing and absolutely flawless. And she looks relaxed and unbothered – but so is her caption.

She writes to fans, “minding my business…wbu?”

Invested in Halle’s potential start at motherhood, fans jumped in the celeb’s comment section in response. Some are giving details about their day, like one commenter saying, “Cook my seafood lunch, it was yummy 😋.” Others are unbothered by Halle’s caption, writing “Waiting to see the baby.” And, yet others are using the post to defend the 23-year-old and her right to privacy, with comments like, “Why do people feel entitled to know this beautiful woman business in the words of Bey get off my ovaries.”

While we take notes from Halle Bailey and her mentor Beyonce Knowles and mind our business, see the post below and let us know what you think.

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