( It seems there’s more to Barbie than meets the eye as Nicki Minaj revealed to the Birdman during an interview with BET that she’s being pulled between what’s gonna make her sell and what’s truly in her heart that she wants to spit.  The First Lady of Young Money said,

“I know what people want from me… but that’s not always what I want to do but I don’t want to lose them in the process.  I just did something called “Shit%ting On ‘Em.”  It’s real hood, its old Nicki.  I just want to balance it.”

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Nicki also revealed that she just recently realized that many of her fans were mad young.

“It makes me feel guilty because I know how I am with my 12-year old brother… very strict.  Every now and then I feel like I gotta censor it but censoring it too much I wouldn’t be Nicki Minaj.  I think a part of what they like is I’m the naughty girl.

The core people I was rapping to I wasn’t expecting them to be young.  So all the stuff I was saying…if I was to do a show and clean up [and cater] to both sides of the spectrum, I don’t even know how I [could] make that happen.”

Peep the video as Baby gives advice to his newest star and her performance below:

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