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Is Nicki Minaj okay? Last week, the veteran rapper began trending on social media. Between news of her husband’s haunting past, Nicki’s persistent social media antics and the Barbz ready to attack, we are concerned about where this leaves her legacy.

There was once a Barb in all of us, but over the years, Nicki has proven to disappoint with her lack of support for up and coming female rappers. She has thrown shade toward some of the leading ladies of Hip Hop today like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls. Once she posted an article which mentioned Nicki’s impact on the rap game and purposely scribbled out the other ladies’ names mentioned in the post.

Nicki Minaj recently joined City Girls’ JT’s Instagram live, but made JT rap the diss song she made a few years back. It seemed to be all in good fun.

Still, many users find her antics immature and disrespectful, hoping that she would embrace the new age of female rap like some of her counterparts.

Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Perry, was sentenced and fined $55,000 after not registering as a sex offender when he and Nicki relocated to California in 2019. Since then, social media users are sharing their opinions about Nicki’s choice to be with Perry. Despite his unfortunate past, she continues to stand beside her husband and father to her son.

With everything going on in Nicki’s personal life, fans might assume she would lay low and focus on her family and music. However, it seems like it’s more fuel to her social media fire. She recently posted a soundless video of her bending over as if she “dropped something” to her personal social media accounts. It felt quite “Britney Spears” of her, and made us wonder if everything was alright.

The wildest part of Nicki’s antics is how she feeds into the power she has over her cult following. The Barbz are ready to attack whenever she gives them the green light.

One YouTuber and cultural commentator Kimberly Nicole Foster is so over the shenanigans that she is taking legal action against the Barbz community.

Foster told The Daily Beast that she plans to file a lawsuit as early as next week. She already filed a report with her local police department and submitted a tip to the FBI, complete with screenshots that show some of Minaj’s most passionate fans, known as the Barbz, threatening to kill and rape her for criticizing their favorite rapper.

The turmoil started last week, after she posted a tweet that read, “Nicki is so clearly a horrible person. Negativity sticks to her like glue. Idk if we’ve ever seen this before.”

It became so overwhelming for Foster that she began receiving life threatening text messages directly to her phone.

This behavior is supported and encouraged by Nicki Minaj, which is the most disappointing for fans who have been advocating for her throughout her career.

Now, we wonder, does an artist’s personal choices effect their professional legacy? Comment your thoughts below.

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