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Damson Idris has become something of a big deal due in part to his star turn as the cold-blooded hustler Franklin Saint in FX’s Snowfall. After seemingly being run off Twitter, the British actor returned after folks on the social media network unnecessarily called him corny for asking a harmless question.

The hullabaloo on Twitter occurred when Idris, 29, asked a question that has been asked in some form or fashion in times past in that space. Idris wrote, “Question. Ladies, if a guy keeps texting you to meet up but you know you will NEVER want to why don’t you just tell him?”

For some reason, this sparked many online into calling Idris corny and saying that he’s pulling the old “asking for a friend” bit but he cleared that up in another tweet.

“Chill, I don’t get curved lol. I just ask the questions men want to hear. Why be on Twitter if we can’t have stimulating conversations? But more importantly, if I’m ever ‘corny’ to you then you’re not my type anyway,” Idris added.

Perhaps his wording was a bit off, or there was a lot of assumption heaped upon his question, but it appeared that the actor was trying to make a simple conversation happen but some took it as him trying to coerce a response out of women and assumed he was the culprit of such activities.

Idris made a largely unceremonious return to Twitter by scrubbing the tweets that got folks reacting, and posted the famous gif of Donald Glover walking into a flaming room holding a stack of pizzas to illustrate what he started.

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