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Say it With Your Chest: 6 Graphic Tees Every Black Woman Should Have

Source: Nilo Burkhalter / Nilo Burkhalter

Contrary to popular belief, black women do get tired of talking.  We grow weary of explaining how fabulous we are, how our tenacity is unmatched, how we are over certain things, and how we are basically royal beings that are worthy of being worshipped.  Of course there are other means of expressing ourselves, but what better way to do it than through fashion?!  Nothing makes a more concise statement than a fierce outfit that consists of a bold graphic t-shirt.   You know what the stylish says, fashion speaks louder than words.  So here are six graphic tees that will allow black women to wear their truth instead of speaking it.  

  1.  Gifted Apparel

Do we really need to tell anyone we are queens?  Absolutely not!  But wearing this shirt will quickly remind the uniformed that we are to be esteemed.  The queen vibe is all in our walk, our hips, our shoulders, our hair, and in the energy we give off.  It is only right that we wear a shirt that matches that vibe.

2.  Personally She 

This shirt simply says, “Don’t Get It Twisted”!  Yes black women are about our business, but we have a fun side too.  We are entrepreneurs, we run households, we make miracles happen on the daily, but when it is time to let our hair down and have fun – we do not hold back.  We are indeed classy and ratchet, and that is why the world adores us.  Wear this t-shirt to let them know that we cannot be boxed in.

3.  That T-Shirt Girl 

Regular where?  In case the world does not know yet, sport this bold t-shirt to remind them.  Black women are a million things and regular is not one of them.  We set trends, break barriers, and we have been at the forefront of social justice movements throughout American history – what is regular about any of that?

4.  Cancel Snapback Culture

Let us not allow society to rush us into transforming our bodies so quickly after giving birth or dealing with normal weight-gaining sagas.  Putting ourselves through the mental and physical turmoil of being small is unhealthy.  Remember, the number one goal is not about how you look on the outside – it is about how you feel on the inside.  Rock this t-shirt to let society know we are giving our bodies grace and patience.  Screw snapping back.

5.  Mess in A Bottle

Where is the lie on this t-shirt?  If it is one thing most black women have in common, it is the fact that a black queen created us.  Let’s pay homage to the women who brought us into this world by fashionably rocking this cool t-shirt.  It is our duty to give credit where credit is due.

6.  Black Women Are for Grownups

Donning this shirt will definitely let onlookers know who they are dealing with before they even step in your presence.  Black women are heroines.  Our journeys are complicated, yet impactful.  Therefore, we are not to be taken with a grain of salt.  We are to be handled with care by those who possess a mature mindset.  We are simply for grown people.

And there you have it.  Six shirts that will not only elevate your wardrobe but will speak your truth as well.  Which statement shirt will you be rocking this summer?


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