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Charm La’Donna’s name begs good style to match and the talented choreographer and celebrity creative director lives up to the hype. Charm combined her great style, intricate choreography and vibe into her own music and most-recently dropped the visuals for her swaggy song ‘Queen.’

We caught up with the charismatic beauty to chat about her style, blemish-free skin and signature box braids.

HelloBeautiful: How do you describe your style? 

Charm La’Donna: I think my style is street with designer mixed. I dress how I feel. And it’s kind of eclectic.

HB: Fashion inspo? 

CLD: It comes from everywhere, literally! My friends, the weather, my mood. I pretty much like whatever is fly and I am willing to experiment.

HB: Favorite style trend right now? 

CLD: I don’t follow trends, but I am really into the color Hunter Green right now. I have been wearing it a lot.

HB: Dress or item in your closet you can’t live without? 

CLD: My Air Force one’s (laughs)

HB: We love your box braids, can you tell us about why it’s become part of your signature style.

CLD: I have always worn box braids, even when I was a little girl. It is easy for me and it is a style that reflects my culture and is versatile with everything I have going on. The same person who did my braids when I was a kid still does my braids now.

HB: Your skin is flawless, what’s your go-to skincare routine? 

CLD: I keep it pretty simple with just soap and water to cleanse, then I use Sanitas moisturizer, and Missha Essence SPF 45 sunscreen and I get facials (super important).

HB: How does your style influence your music and vice versa? 

CLD: I feel like my style is really based where I am from and it is reflected in my music. I also use the music I create to dictate some of the choices I make with my style and you can see that a lot in my videos, especially in “Westside” and “Queen.”

Watch Queen, here.


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