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Source: Prince Williams/ / ATLPics.Net

Though Pablo Escobar is long gone to the books of history his infamous reputation still proceeds him and if anyone tries to bank off his name best believe his family will be G-checkin them for those royalties. Just ask 2 Chainz.

TMZ is reporting that the “No Lie” rapper was recently hit with a lawsuit by the iconic drug kingpin’s company for illegal use of his name and likeness at Chainz’ ATL restaurants, website and social media. Escobar Inc. is seeking $10 million in damages claiming that Chainz’ Escobar Restaurant and Tapas violates federal law as due to it’s unauthorized use of Pablo Escobar’s name and likeness.

Chainz probably could’ve still named his restaurant “Escobar” and used drawings of Nas and been okay but that’s neither here nor there.

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