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While Black, Latinx folks and white allies are out in the streets protesting against police brutality in America and to honor the Black lives lost in the past month, some influencers and celebrities are staying at home, continuing to tell on themselves.

Whether it’s reality star Shekinah Anderson crying folks looting a damn Gucci store in Atlanta or Off-White CEO and fashion designer Virgil Abloh donating a measly $50 dollars for bail efforts for protestors and complaining about a friend’s LA store being looted or B. Simone showing her hypocrisy and pick-me behavior claiming that protesting is ungodly and what “angry Black women do,” it’s clear that some of our faves are truly clowns.

But one of the biggest Bozos to reveal their true selves over the weekend was rapper Saucy Santana. The gay Miami influencer— who I have always appreciated for blurring the gender lines by rocking lashes, heels, dresses—decided it was a good idea to create a photoshoot pretending to be protesting instead of actually taking to the streets to be with the people.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be so mad if the reason for staying home was because he didn’t want to expose himself to COVID-19, because that’s a real fear. But it’s the spectacle of it all: Full face of makeup, heels, patent leather pants, lashes, along with his homegirl, who was equally done up. It’s shallow, performative and honestly disrespectful. This isn’t a runway, and protesting in the streets and fighting for our lives shouldn’t be something you use to boost your brand or aesthetic.

Clearly, he didn’t want to hear those critiques, because soon after getting roasted, Santana went back to IG to defend himself, which was more of a mess than that “All Lives Matter” sign his homeboy was holding. In the now-deleted video, he wanted to be clear that he gave us his “energy” and spent his money on new clothes, a hairdresser, markers and paper, essentially saying that instead of complaining about the end result, we should be grateful for the effort.

Take a look at this narcissistic nonsense:

The nerve. Why not just take the money you spent and donate to orgs who are ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK, or the bailout links for protestors? As I tweeted yesterday, this divide between reality and whatever filtered IG fantasy world these folks are living in only continues to widen.

Listen, I hate to write something negative about Santana, especially it being the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month, but he deserves it, as does his counterparts who are subscribing to the same type of nonsense. (Maybe this will be what finally ends influencer and celebrity culture. Fingers crossed)

In the meantime, we can always count on folks like Ava Duvernay and our Yoruba Bae John Boyega to show us what taking a stand looks like.

Santana and dem, please take notes, because if this is not the type of energy you are bringing to the table right now, we don’t need you. So just move around, hush your mouth and open your purse.


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