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Y’all America has spoken…and they’ve said it loud and clear that they DO want to know what Erykah Badu’s lady parts smell like. So much so, that her new line Badu Pussy Premium Incense, which dropped on Feb. 20, sold out in a whopping 19 minutes!

The “Bag Lady” songstress took to social media to let fans know how grateful she was for the support.

“Well guys, thank you for making our debut of ‘Badussy’ […] sell out in a matter of 19 minutes,” she stressed in an Instagram video posted last Thursday (Feb. 20).



For those lucky enough to hit sis’ pre-sale, each package of 20 sticks won’t be shipped until March, her website, Badu Market noted.

As we previously reported, last week the Grammy winner announced that she dropping her incense line to much fanfare.

“There’s an urban legend that my p—y changes men,” the singer recently said in a cover story for 10 Magazine. “The men that I fall in love with, and fall in love with me, change jobs and lives.”

Badu also stated in the interview the Badu Box is her “superpower” and that the fragrance is made from the ashes of her panties (among other ingredients).

“The people deserve it!” she concluded.

I guess they do! No word of when or if they plan on restocking.

In the meantime, while some detractors have accused Badu of trying to monopolize on Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous $75 vagina candle (that just so happens to back in stock), the Dallas native says that ain’t the case, especially since she’s had this in the works for years.

My incense was not inspired by Gwenith Paltrow. That’s a whole nother kinda pu$$¥. I been in the lab for years. I stay on my pu$$¥ muscle hustle. However, Panties off to Gwen’s candle!” we love @goop,” she Tweeted on Sunday. 

Ha! Guess the queen of Neo-Soul has spoken.

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