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Mia Michelle, Deandre Moore, Diamond Stylz and Nishia Jackson

Source: Christopher Verastigui / Radio One Digital

There are some conversations you have around certain people and then there are conversations you need to have with people. Zaya Wade has caused a wide number of opinions being cast in regards to her sexuality and her coming out to her parents Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union and loudest of all happened to be Boosie, or rather, the ones that got the loudest reaction on social media.

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Good Morning H-Town decided that the best course of action regarding this topic? Actually speaking to those in the community who deal with the pressures and stigma of living their truth. We asked panelists and activists Mia Michelle, Deandre Moore, Diamond Stylz and Nishia Jackson joined the crew inside the Houston BMW Studios to not only speak to trans and LGBTQ issues in the black community but also their thoughts on Boosie, why bashing things we don’t accept is taught, how often the rhetoric shared on different platforms leads to violence, solidarity and more.

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