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At Least 11 Casualties At Shooting At Country Western Bar In Southern California

Source: David McNew / Getty

Rapper Pop Smoke 20, was shot and killed Wednesday morning around 4:30am in what appears to many to have been an home invasion.

This news was a shock to many people after more details emerged after his death. According to sources at TMZ, 4 mask men broke into the Hollywood home where Pop Smoke was located wearing masks as well as hoodies firing multiple shots that later killed him.

It is now a shock to learn allegedly that he may have been set up. According to sources, his murder is being investigated as a targeted hit and not a robbery. New released video footage from the residences shows 4 men at the residences sneaking around the sides of the house as well as sneaking around the back of the home.

Within a matter of minutes, 3 of the guys who broke into the residences walked to the front of the home and the last man who was also at the residence reportedly walked to the back of the home before entering into the backdoor.

No camera was in reach to capture the moment and the next time the 4th guy was seen was leaving out the front door. The switch in the investigation of rapper Pop Smoke death came after the 4th robbery / murder suspect left out the front door of the residences with no personal items belonging to the rapper, which was all captured on surveillance.

Police are still investigating but recent reports states that the rapper had a house party at the residence hours prior to the shooting as well as possibly posted his address on social media.

Prayers for his loved ones.