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The Box got Roddy Rich Caught Up: It’s iconic that roddy’s rich song “the box” is still # 1 on the billboard hot 100 for the 4th week in a row congratulations on that …cause he’s catching some of india loves BOX….she posted a video on social media of them spending some quality time….Yall love to talk about Lori Harvey but considering it’s black history month you should know the origin of the thot..

Big Game recap: Congratulations to the Kansas city chiefs for taking home the big game. I personally didn’t watch because I stand with cap… However the game kicked off with the national anthem and I saw online comparisons saying Demi had the best national anthem since Whitney….Y’all tried it but she did do good. However The carters decided not to stand during the anthem and you know that had white folks UPSET! Colin Kaepernick has questions. he posted an article on his instagram story saying that ” i thought we were past kneeling” which was Jayz’s infamous quote when saying why he decided to partner with the NFL….yikes.
Miami was off the chain because loads of Drama happened.

 Y’all get your boy Gervontae Davis…he snatched up his baby mama at a Floyd Mayweather event on Saturday. IT’s still not clear why he did it but she was seated with another man…isn’t crazy he can be seen in public with other women but she cant anyway…he made a tired social media statement saying he was aggressive but he would never hit her…but choking her in public is decent right?
And Just when you may have assumed that Gervontae was the toxic one in he and Ari Flether’s relationship you’re wrong…because she got into a little scuffle herself with her new boo money bagg yo… from several twitter accounts and a leaked video (on people are saying that she was punching Money Bagg in the face and he went ahead a peeled her muffin cap back black and knocked that wig off her head in the streets of Miami….chilee…Money Bagg is getting back on social media claiming life is good…

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