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Skin Seeds Aloe Glow Sheet

Source: Skin Seeds / Skin Seeds

There I was watching the ladies of Real Housewives Of Atlanta indulge in some self-pampering at the spa, when I realized I too could enjoy a facial from the comfort of my own home.

As I get older, skin care becomes more of a priority, so when I received a package of aloe glow skin masks from, I didn’t hesitate to treat my skin to the hydrating experience while catching up on my favorite show.

On my couch, in my most comfortable robe, I opened my skin mask package and placed it on my face. It felt cool then refreshing as it began to sink into my skin. The directions instruct to use for about 15 minutes so I sat back and allowed the mask to do its job. By the end of the treatment, my skin was left with a dewey appearance, felt softer and definitely moisturized.

Aloe is beneficial in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C and is contains anti-inflammatory agents, which makes it perfect for bringing your skin back to life.

For $21, you get two sheets of Skin Seeds aloe glow mask, which can be used twice each depending on when the solution runs out. And the sheets are completely natural, boasting only: organic aloe leaf, aloe leaf and glycerin.

Skin Seeds was created by beauty blogger Avielle Amor, who turned her social media presence into a Black-owned brand.

“The purpose of Skin Seeds challenges is to plant helpful DIY seeds for everyone to use at home,” says Amor. “A lot of ailments that we experience have remedies in our kitchen, or our local market,” Avielle told us in a 2019 interview.

Skin Seeds products are only sold during Harvest Times that occurs once a month for a pre-designated amount of time.

Get your Skin Seeds, here.


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