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Jordyn Woods was introduced to the world as Kylie Jenner’s best friend. She was cute, a little chubby, and blended into the background of her famous friend’s life. The childhood buddies lived, together, worked together, and seemed to be inseparable. As their friendship matured, Jordyn slowly began to step out of the shadows. She started working out, shedding weight, and showing more of her personality.

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At the height of their friendship, Jordyn had secured modeling campaigns for brands like SECNDNTURE, and collaborated with her bestie with a Kylie Lipkit. Her career was taking off and she was beginning to make a name for herself other than Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the demise of the Woods/Jenner/Kardashian relationship. In February of this year, Jordyn lacked a lot of judgement and put herself in what appeared to be a compromising position. While she says nothing happened, the perception of what may have occurred had unfortunate repercussions.

What could’ve resulted as the destruction of her career, ended up being one of the greatest glow ups of 2019. The Kardashian Klan may believe they have the power to stop someone’s coin but fortunately for Jordyn, her allies Will and Jada Smith provided her a platform to speak her truth. Since her appearance on Red Table Talk, she has received an outpour of support from celebrities, fans, and brands. In other words, Jordyn Woods’ stock went up! People saw her as honest, relatable, and more importantly, they were not willing to contribute to the destruction of a Black girl’s image at the hands of the Kardashians.

She went from the shadowed sidekick to an overall trend setter. Now she’s closing deals, acting in movies, and empowering others to take their fitness journey seriously. Jordyn created a lane perfectly fit for herself.

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Along with the career elevation came the wardrobe overhaul. I haven’t seen a red carpet appearance or Instagram post where Jordyn didn’t look absolutely perfect. Her style has evolved into a woman who is ready for business.

In 2019, Jordyn showed us that anyone can change a bad situation into a fruitful one. She also developed the blueprint on how to go from a sidekick to a boss in less than a year. 2020 will be another monumental year for the socialite. She’s eluded to lots of upcoming projects that will continue to propel her career into a successful one.

What do you think? Did Jordyn Woods glow up in 2019?


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