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Love is a beautiful thing, but when love challenges society’s standards and still manages to thrive, it’s stunning. Trans love is just that. It’s a “revolutionary act,” according to trans man, Tiq Milan. We all have a different idea as to what love looks like and while we’re challenging those ideals everyday, there’s some people in society who don’t realize that love is universal and finds its way into all hearts.

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“My mother’s biggest fear was that no one was going to love me. That’s an idea that’s commonplace, that transgender people aren’t going to be love d or going to receive love and our lives are filled with isolation and detachment,” Tiq said. “We are happy, healthy and deserving of love.”

NBC BLK interviewed Tiq and his wife Kim and other trans couples, Olympia Perez and Sasha Alexander and Janai and Sean Coleman and they asked them about how they met, what love is to them and how they overcome the hardships of being trans. The result is a beautiful display love conquering all odds.

Meet the couples and check out the sweetest things they’ve said about each other:

Tiq & Kim Milan

These two met on Facebook. Tiq would message Kim over and over for months at a time and she finally responded. Within three days, they were in love and within two months, they were married.

“I realized that for each other, we were each the ideal. This was not a possibility, this is exactly the person we’ve both been searching for,” Kim Milan says.


Olympia Perez & Sasha Alexander

Sasha hosted an event called Black trans health is wealth and Olympia attended. They fell in love.

“He is majestic. There is no word to describe him, who he is in the world, the aura around him when I look at him. He is beautiful. He reminds me of who I am in the world and I deserve the love I am getting and I am surrounded by.”

Janai & Sean Coleman

They met at a party–well, a ball. They tell people it was a party. It was Janai’s first, but Sean was a pro. Janai was in awe, friended him on Facebook and the rest was a history of liked pictures and love.

“It’s a beautiful thing to be with a person who gets you, honors you and a person I know that’s as invested in me and us as I am. I go to sleep at night and I’m comforted in the fact that this is my husband.”

So much love. We’re swooning.


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