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When it comes to talented young voices, you can’t help but mention R&B artist Justine Skye.

At 23 years old, Skye continues to lead by example as a confident, bold and driven entertainer who shines bright through her music and her personal style.

This week, she sat down with Ashmac in the Hot 96.3 Backstage Studio as they discussed Skye’s latest single “Build” which was released back in October, followed by a new music video based on real-life events that including sharing her domestic abuse survival story and obtaining a restraining order against alleged abuser Sheck Wes.

“The song itself was done before I had the video in mind.” Skye stated. “When I made the song It was about relationships in general that I have been through… and just always thinking if I could build the perfect man… what would it be, what would I do and in reality like you have to come to terms with you can’t do that.”

“You can’t build the perfect person, there is no perfect person out there for you.” Skye continued. “You have to be the perfect person for yourself.”

However, despite the success of the song and the support she has received since sharing her story, Skye admits that she was scared to share her survival story at first.

“I wanted to share my story because there were a lot of women out there who I guess were afraid to share their story… and I was afraid.” Skye said. “I was afraid because there’s a lot of people telling me not to, there’s a lot of people telling me its going to affect my career but at the end of the day what was best for me mentally.”

Since sharing her story, Skye also admitted to starting therapy, which has helped her growth as artist and getting back to the artist and overall sound that she loves, which started with learning how to say “no” and being proud of the music she is releasing, including her upcoming new music.

“I’m really, really excited about the new music.” Skye said with a smile. “I feel like every time I get in the studio, I grow, just everyday I’m growing but this new music is absolutely next level.”

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