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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York is all drama and heartbreak. The drama is all the typical stuff we’re used to. But the heartbreak is all about Miracle’s case. It’s looking like she might be going to jail but hold that thought. First, we start the episode with Jonathan waiting to get some botox done. He introduces Sidney Starr to MariahLynn as they wait with him in the lobby. Two seconds after introducing Sidney, Jonathan starts with the mess. He prompts Sidney to explain her situation with Nya Lee to MariahLynn. Basically, Sidney Starr said she felt like Nya Lee was attacking her womanhood. Jonathan says he understands but doesn’t think Nya Lee meant to come off that way (it does seem like Sidney is being sensitive). Jonathan has a bright idea for all of them to get out of the city on the weekend. The plan is to visit a wine vineyard upstate and have a good time.

Suuuuuure. This is going to go well.

Let’s fast forward to the vineyard. Sidney Starr rides up with Kimbella and Cyn Santana, who are just meeting her. You know Sidney Starr can be intense, however, Kimbella and Cyn actually listen to her as she tells her side of the story and reserve their judgment. Jonathan didn’t tell Nya Lee that he invited Sydney, but luckily Nya Lee manages to not have a meltdown at the sight of Sidney. Nya Lee’s plan is to just ignore, ignore, ignore.

However, things take a left turn swiftly when Sidney pulls Nya Lee aside to ask for another chance, but Nya doesn’t think she’s sincere and that she’s just trying to use her…since she’s soooo connected in the industry.

Nya also isn’t ready to talk to Sidney so she gets annoyed by Sidney’s repeated attempts to get back into her good graces. It really just seems like Sidney is trying too hard to fit in but these low emotional IQ people can’t really see that. Let’s fast forward some more. At this point, the group is stomping grapes and Sidney just won’t leave Nya Lee alone. She says she misses Nya Lee’s friendship. Cyn messy arse chimes in, asking why Sidney bucked at her that time. Sidney said she bucked at Nya to make her shut up. That triggers Nya, and she starts yelling at Sidney and really coming off like a bully. She gets in Sidney’s face and says she wants to check her but Sidney clearly doesn’t want to fight. They’re finally separated and we try to move on.

Jonathan, Nya Lee, MariahLynn and Kimbella are left sitting together now (Cyn went to check on Sidney) and MariahLynn and Kimbella randomly start talking about the Yandy adoption situation. Both women are bothered by it because they think Yandy is fake and doing this for attention. MariahLynn even tells Jonathan to take Yandy’s moves with this adoption situation with a “salt of grain.”

A salt of grain.

Um, what?

And you know what? She paused long enough for someone to correct her. No one did.

Jonathan is still cool with Yandy, feels no type of way about her, and really wishes they’d shut up about her. Kimbella gets irritated with Jonathan defending Yandy so she walks away from the conversation. Jonathan says if he has to choose a side he’s always going to choose Yandy. Mariah feels some type of way about that. Basically, Jonathan is speaking hypothetically, but MariahLynn feels like he actually just told her to go somewhere (which he really didn’t). Then Nya Lee says jokingly that he’s only going to be in a tough situation if he has to choose between her and Yandy. Again, this is all hypothetical but it triggers MariahLynn so she storms away in a huff talking about how she doesn’t need friends because she has herself. Nya Lee, taken aback by MariahLynn’s tantrum, replies, “Oooh child” and that sets MariahLynn off (to be fair, MariahLynn was already annoyed with Nya Lee from how she treated Sidney Starr earlier). They get to arguing. Mariah Lynn is irritated that Nya was so quick to try to fight. Nya is annoyed because MariahLynn was, “Trying to test her gangsta.”

Yeah, they’re both goofy. Anyway, Jonathan says MariahLynn is at fault for this situation for taking something personal that wasn’t about her. It’s all good though because you know that bomb Love and Hip-Hop security got the situation handled. Meanwhile, Nya Lee starts crying because “She let MariahLynn get her out of character and that he’s embarrassed because she’s trying to be better.

Self-control is free.

Anyway, now we get to the heartbreak. Rich Dollaz flew down to Mississippi to be present for Miracle’s hearing. It looks like things aren’t going to go well. She doesn’t have to go in front of the judge at the moment because the judge said she’s not comfortable offering a plea deal right now. In other words, there is no plea deal so Miracle has to go to trial. If she loses, and she might, because you know how these things go, she faces 2-20 years. It’s the State versus Miracle, not even the man she shot most likely in self-defense. The lawyer says Miracle has a strong case, but Rich brings up a good point—the State is not about to waste all this money on trial and not get something back from Miracle.


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