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Murder for hire Raleigh

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria – Raleigh

You know how you read stuff, and think it’s just a great book or watch Tyler Perry’s Have And The Have Nots, and think… this could never happen?

Well tell that to the people of the North Ridge Country Club area. Where they saw the scene from real life as, Leonid and Tatiana Teyf, owners of the mansion at 6510 Market Way , raided Wednesday of all property records ;because the husband, Leonid Teyf allegedly wanted to kill his housekeeper’s son that he assumed was having an affair with his wife!

Straight out of a Tyler Perry movie! The husband Leonid , apparently said back in February 2018 that he felt that Tatiana was sexual involved with the illegal immigrant Russian son of the housekeeper, that lives in the sixteen thousand square foot mansion with her family…together.


Apparently the housekeeper was no longer employed by the Teyf’s and moved her family out of the home.

Source says, Leonid spoke of the idea to pay someone to “talk” to his wife’s alleged lover, overdose him, after getting him deported to Russia, of course.

The FBI investigation , gathered documents that place,  Leonid and his business partner, John Patrick Cotter along with a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent meeting at Salt and Lime restaurant in Raleigh.

The pay up to kill your significant other’s lover is ,  “a boat, vehicle or cash”; in hope that information to prove that the son of the housekeeper, is in fact an illegal immigrant. The grand total for the  arrest and deportation” of the housekeeper’s son was $25,000.

After a $10,000 downpayment was made, there were follow up meetings according to the investigation; July 16th, Cotter met with the agent at Corner Tavern in Cary. Cotter and Leonid later met with the agent at a Sheetz in Morrisville, on August 17th. Again, August 29th, Cotter the friend of Leonid, met with the agent at Fortnight Brewing in Cary.

Charges as of now are brought up on Cotter for aiding and abetting and bribery of a federal official. No mention of any charges on Leonid.

If you haven’t checked out this mansion, that sits if the 18th hole of the golf course, check it out and tell me how you can get mad at anyone. All that house, you can have your lover, because I’ll have mine.
Maybe Leonid should’ve hired Annalise Keating , Olivia Pope, or hell even Shonda Rhimes.

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