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#CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Meek Mill

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Meek Mill has had a rollercoaster year, but he’s finishing 2018 strong.

After spending nearly five months in jail, the Philly rapper came out swinging at the law. Joining the conversation surrounding racial disparities in the criminal justice system, Meek has been shedding light on how Black youth are targeted and kept behind bars for extended periods of time. And besides getting politically active, the Wins & Losses lyricist is also killing on the music front, having just dropped his highly anticipated fourth studio album.

Possibly his most memorable project to date, Championships boasted incredible features from mentor Jay-Z, rap newcomer Cardi B, Fabolous, and even former rap nemesis Drake. Meek tugged at heartstrings on “Trauma,” Hov made his relationship with Kanye West clear on “What’s Free,” Drizzy and Meek reunited in a moment of brotherly love on “Going Bad” …and that was only the beginning. Listen to the full album here.

#CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Meek Mill

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

After releasing the project to rave reviews, Meek hit up Elliott Wilson‘s CRWN series this week and dished on everything from how Jay-Z’s verse came about to being motivated by Drake’s “Back to Back” diss record and having dinner with Bey and Hov. He also gave advice to the upcoming generation of rappers and discussed using his platform to speak on important issues, plus Kevin Hart coming to visit him in prison.

Watch the interview via TIDAL above, plus a few highlights below.

On Getting A Hov Feature For Championships

“I represent the path that Hov created—a young hustler from Marcy projects that became a billionaire. That’s the sh*t I grew up on and the type of music I grew up on and the things I wanted to be. I spent a piece of my life sipping lean, for a short period of time, popping percs…but that was never my lifestyle…I grew up on being a hustler and flipping money and doubling money and trying to move your family out the hood and being a boss. So, I always wanted that Jay-Z feature. He came through this time. Shoutout to Hov!”

On His Favorite Bar In Hov’s Verse

“My favorite part is ‘I ain’t got a billion streams, I got a billion dollars.’”

On Squashing The Beef With Drake And Coming Together For The Album

“A lot of people don’t know me and Drake been contacting each other for a year, but it’s like I’m not with the fake shit. I’m not with the, just try to act like I’m cool with you to do a record. If we fight or you got beef with somebody in the street, you don’t wanna…have a problem with them, and then the next day y’all got y’all arm around each other. It take time—he gotta be ready, I gotta be ready for that sh*t.”

Watch the clip up top to hear stories from the rapper about his time in prison, that time Jay Z accidentally played “Back To Back” during a double date with Meek, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé, and more.


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