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A power outage can be as soon as an hour, but while you wait until the lights come back on, get creative; play some games with the family.

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Play cards:

Really the only card games that matter are Uno,  Spades (you better know how to play), Black Card Revoke and Solitaire (if you’re by yourself). These games require minimum light. Have your flashlight on deck and a few candles safely burning.

Build A House of Cards:

Now if you just want to get jazzy with the cards and you’re tired of people cheating, build a House of Cards. Get creative and see what you can do, when your phone is off and you can’t take a picture of your accomplishment.

Hide-n-Seek/Scavenger Hunt:

Now those with kids may enjoy a few rounds of Hide-n-Seek, and don’t be the parent, grandparent or uncle/aunt that tells the baby to go hide, while you take a nap. That’s just wrong! So that’s when you make up a scavenger hunt (it’ll win you about 45 minutes of rest).

Click Here For Scavenger Hunt Examples

Board Games:

Make sure you have the good games like Clue, Monopoly, and Life (lights might be out for a while). You will need some light, but again; flashlights and candles will take you through each round. These games are great to just spend time with your family. Get you bounding in and turn this time into fun versus worrying about what you don’t have.

Tell Stories:

This can get creative, you can start it off and have each person continue the story. You’ll see how people think on improv. It can get as scary, funny, and/or crazy as you want. Just keep it PG if the kids are present.

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