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Social media can be a tricky world to navigate, especially if you’re one of those #nofilter kind of people.

Just take Twitter user Naomi H. for example, who just got an internship with NASA only to be fired a short while later.

And what was the cause of her severance?

Her #nofilter mouth.

According to Newsweek, Naomi H. (as she’s identified on Twitter) got the internship of her dream with NASA. She was so excited by the news that she went on Twitter to celebrate by saying, “EVERYONE SHUT THE FU** UP. I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP.”

A little aggressive, but congrats right!?



Someone named Homer Hickam saw Naomi H.’s use of profanity and replied to her tweet by saying “Language.”

Well remember Naomi is a #nofilter kind of girl, so she was completely and utterly against being censored. She replied to this Homer guy saying “Suck my di** and balls, I’m working for NASA.”


Again, a little aggressive.

But who cares, she’s working for NASA!

Unfortunately, little did Naomi know, Hickam is a highly respected NASA engineer and a member of the National Space Council — the group that actually overseas NASA.


Hickam made Naomi aware of this and things went downhill from there.

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