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Trayvon Martin‘s story has impacted scores of people, and his legacy still lives on despite any hateful attempts to demean his life.

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A security guard recently created a racist spectacle when he ordered a “Trayvon Martini” at a Buzzard Beach bar in Kansas City, Missouri, a bartender, who is Black, said. The Westport Public Safety Team guard, Michael Dargy Jr, was fired by security services firm Chesley Brown International on Wednesday, and an investigation was opened after the story of the disgusting display circulated on social media. More than 100 people have commented with outrage and sadness in response to the bartender, who goes by the name Alobar Bandaloop and posted the account to Facebook on Monday.

“As a bartender, I’m asked to make 1001 different drinks and never once has any drink like this crossed till last week,” Bandaloop said. “A piece of s**t named Mike Dargy wandered his racist a** into my bar and ordered a Trayvon Martini. Wtf. Then when he noticed the shock on my face, he decided to tell me recipe. One shot of vodka, watermelon juice, and it only takes one shot because it only takes one shot to put him down!”

Bandaloop couldn’t believe the blatantly horrific behavior of Dargy, he said. The guard spoke of Martin — whose 2012 fatal shooting in Sanford, Florida by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman sparked what has become the Black Lives Matter movement — as if he wasn’t even a human being and in such a horrific manner.

“The smug look on his face was one of the most punchable looks I’ve ever seen,” Bandaloop said. “As the manager on duty walks away in disgust and the server on duty is completely confused why this interaction is happening, I’m still stuck in shock that this grown man would say this. I immediately refuse to serve him and the night ends … Herein lies the big problem: he’s paid by the neighborhood to walk around with a pistol and “police” the area. This is a huge issue with me. Who can trust this man in any interaction with an African American?”

Chesley Brown had released a statement about the incident, saying that they have a “no tolerance” policy for “hate, bigotry or prejudice.”


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