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Lil Miquela is out here living her best life.

If you aren’t hip to the virtual influencer who’s blown up on Instagram, you better start paying attention.


She, along with other virtual influencers, are partnering with brands, releasing music, and literally living life like a real human.

Lil’ Miquela started her Instagram account in 2016 as a 19-year-old model from Downey, California.

Like…she has a full background story and everything.

Miquela is a computer generated image created by Los Angeles-based startup Brud. The company specializes in robotics and artificial intelligence.

The funny thing is, the company still seems to treat Lil’ Miquela as an individual. Though Brud supposedly profited off of Miquela’s partnerships with brands like Highsnobiety, Miquela speaks as if she’s separate from the company. She even supposedly left Brud to be a “free agent.”


So yea…Lil’ Miquela is the real deal…I guess?

Despite her trials and tribulations, Lil’ Miquela is still living the life many would aspire to.

Swipe through for eight times Lil’ Miquela was out here thriving with celebs, friends and musical experiences!

(Sigh): 8 Times Virtual IG Star Lil’ Miquela Was Living The Life We Want  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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